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How to Massage the Neck during a Head Massage

Learn how to massage the neck as part of a head massage in this Howcast video featuring massage therapist Judie Rhed Yim.


So we're going to go over how to massage the neck as part of the head massage. It's a wonderful integration between the shoulder and the head and the neck has the most sympathetic nervous system which in simple terms is the relaxational points of the body. So what you want to do is warm up your hands put some oil and lubricate them. And grab the neck from underneath so you're literally doing sort of pulling of the hair upwards, this kind of alternating stroke. So you scoop underneath and pull with the under hands.

Scoop underneath and pull with the other hand. It's really nice to incorporate all the way to the basin of the head. So scoop and pull. And just watch out for the thumbs they may go in the way you can always just tuck them underneath as well. One of the easier ways to adjust the neck also is to support the head with the opposite hand as you pull and do the similar strokes. And again pull and this is a nice intro for you to incorporate your strokes into the basin of the neck where the head meets and utilizing the circulatory strokes go down towards where the neck meets the shoulders and flushing the neck out.

And you repeat that for the other side. And just make sure that the head is held steady not wobbly and that's how you incorporate the neck as part of the head massage.

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