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How to Massage the Mouth & Jaw during a Head Massage

Learn how to massage the mouth and jaw as part of a head massage in this Howcast video featuring massage therapist Judie Rhed Yim.


We're gonna go over how to massage the mouth and jaw as part of the head massage. Jaw is definitely one area of tension most people have, commonly known as TMJ and so you wanna use the tips of your finger and nothing more so than the pressure of those fingertips only. And again you wanna do a traction motion with downward as opposed to jamming the jaw back into the joint.

You wanna just do a downward motion of circular direction. Down by the jaw line, there are some sensitive nodes so you wanna be careful not to irritate them, so don't go too deep, you just want to move the skin and the underlying layer and not jam into the joints. And you're making the circular motion towards the mouth since that's what you wanna also aim for, and circulatory strokes towards the chin, the supporting structure of the mouth. Aand also again here, you can just use your fingertips such that they are almost touching and tractioning the chin away from the mouth nice and gentle, no aggressive movements needed. And so it opens the mouth, it opens the jaw, and helps to release some of that tension that we use every single day to communicate.

And one more traction down, upper lip area, slightly decompressing, downward motion, circulatory once more and going back to the jaw line... to the joint area one more, and slowly move yourself across the front side of the ears back to the side of the head or the temporal. It's a nice integration, and you can do overall strokes, again the thumbs are touching and straight down, top of the lip, straight down, and final stroke to complete. And that's how you massage the mouth and jaw as part of the head massage.

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