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How to Massage the Ears during a Head Massage

Learn how to pull the ears as part of a head massage in this Howcast video featuring massage therapist Judie Rhed Yim.


Let's go over how to pull ears during a head massage. So the ear is a really good connecting point between the head, the jaw and the back of the head. So it' a wonderful release of tension. You don't want to use your four fingers. It's too pincery. This is a massage technique which is fine. What you wanna do is engage the entire ear so hopefully you have big enough hands like I do. And gather the side of the ears with the basin of your thumb as well as the side of you thumbs and go in a direction that is towards the table but also diagonal as well. It helps to release the fascia and the connective tissue that surrounds it in a nice slow manner. And you're not linking, you're taking nice and slow release towards the basin.

This wonderful for tension headaches, for ringing of the ears as well as dizziness. It helps to center. And again you're gonna pull towards the table. See how the basin of my thumb is literally pulling it away as you let go. Another good point to pull actually is the treagis point which is right in front of the ears as well. And you're gonna just hook your thumb right in the crevice. You're gonna feel a crevice. It's a little hollow dent joint there. And again this one is more towards horizontal as opposed to downward towards the neck. And you're going to pull slightly. Much less pressure that the ear. It's a small dividive area so-- it's not gonna be as significant. And again this is wonderful for dizziness, ringing of the ears. And I should really get points for science as well.

That's how you pull ears as part of the head massage.

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