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How to Stroke the Eye Sockets during a Head Massage

Learn how to stroke the eye sockets as part of a head massage in this Howcast video featuring massage therapist Judie Rhed Yim.


So we are going to go over how to stroke the eye sockets during a head massage, it is a very delicate area altogether obviously holding the eyes so you want to just introduce your touch initially so I am just going to have the client close his eyes and just putting just amount of pressure and heat and slight bit of pressure onto the eyes a lot of the visual aspect of what we do has eyeballs protruding out from the eye socket and after you feel that your receiver has softened to your touch then you can incorporate your thumbs making sure that you are not pulling on their eyelashes and your are doing a fan shape towards the ears this is very minor pressure your are not putting a heavy density to your touch what so ever it is a very delicate area so please remember that when you work on your recipient this is also a really great de-congestive technique for bags and going towards the tip of the eyebrows and your ears and you can do the eyebrow technique incorporating as well it surrounds the eyes and helps give circulation and innervation so again you are going to put your finger tips and scoop underneath the ridge and a little more pressure holding that for at least five seconds and making circulatory strokes gentle underneath the eyebrow ridge you can always go back to just putting your hands right over the eye socket area with your thumb supported or in this manor whatever makes you feel more comfortable is going to be more comfortable for the recipient and that is how you stroke eye sockets during a head massage.

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