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How to Massage the Head for Sinus Relief

Learn how to massage the head to relieve sinus pressure in this Howcast video featuring massage therapist Judie Rhed Yim.


In this segment, I've had a massage for sinus relief.

Predominantly, the sinus pressure is located right adjacent to your nose as sinus cavities do tend to get congested. What you want to do is try to release some of the tension, that starts to happen right along the sides of the nose. So one good actual pressure point is exactly right adjacent to the flares of the nostrils on both sides. And give a nice pressure down, toward your teeth, for three seconds. And release, and follow the arch along side the chin, the second point is right adjacent, about an inch next to it. And release. 

This is actually firm pressure that you want to use. You can just disperse the tissue around. It's kind of a little bit like a lymphatic move that you're going to direct towards the ears. Then we're going to also address the key points in between the brows, which is really great to decompress, more additional sinus pockets by lifting up with a little bit less pressure than you have used along the side of the nose. And that's five counts, and you can disperse that. 

Another great acupuncture or marble point is actually along the hairline, about three fingers width from where the hairline starts. This is going to be different for every single different person and this is a pressure point so you want to engage and press down for at least three counts. And one final is also a cranial circle point between a vascular junction that helps to alleviate the compression sometimes that the forehead adds on to the sinus cavities. So again, this one is not such a strong pressure but a more slight lift towards you.

And this is how to massage the head for sinus relief.

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