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How to Massage the Head to Relieve Headaches

Learn how to massage the head to get rid of a headache in this Howcast video featuring massage therapist Judie Rhed Yim.


How to massage the head for headache relief. So a lot of the headaches happen due to tension, either behind the eyes, or it's on the lateral or the sides of the head. So you want to actually just help to disperse the tension that gets bunched up right in this temporal area. So you wanna just engage the muscle and pull towards you, slowly. And you're going to feel the fibers more so here of the musculature of the temporal-is muscle. 

And it's going to feel a little bit more bulbous on one side than the other. And you're just slowly pulling the fasha and releasing the tension, doing a downward motion; literally pulling the tension away. And a really good point at that end is where a particular temporalis and porietum of bones meet, and it's a really good circular point to activate and to disperse the bunched up fascia there as well. And you can literally do a front side pick, it's a little bit of a cranial circle movement. 

You want to place your fingers right along the edge of the eyebrows and the top of the forehead and pull towards you, this way. This helps decompress some of the pressure that starts to build up when you have a tension headache. That would lead you to our favorite spot, right in between the eyebrows, and to lift up towards you to release some of the pressure that builds up behind the eyes when you have tension headaches. Put it all together and you just want to wash away the forehead and bring it towards the crown of the head. 

The other aspect of tension that creates headaches is also tightness in the neck, so you always want to address the neck as well. So, I'm just gonna show it from the side of the view, but the area that you want to hit is, or actually press is right behind the ears, it's a Chinese meridian point, gull bladder twenty. And you are going to find it in the bony process behind the ears, and so you want to put both your fingers on both sides and lift towards you. Feels really yummy on the deep musculature of the neck. And the decompressing is really wonderful for the back of the head. 

And just gonna wait there until you find a release and that side of release is very slow but if you wait, it will definitely happen. And you can just disperse the energy of the head by just doing some gliding techniques, as such. And that's how to massage the head to relieve headaches.

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