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How to Give a Head Massage to Someone Lying Down

Learn how to give a head massage to someone lying down in this Howcast video featuring massage therapist Judie Rhed Yim.


So how to give a head massage while lying down technique. It's really important to get your recipient in a comfortable position. Obviously if you had a table as such it would be best, you want to have double layers of a blanket and sheet so that recipient is covered comfortably and is warm enough during the session and perhaps get a bolster for their neck or a roll of towels like we have here that their head is supported instead of knocking back for even a little too forward.

And their comfortable level is going to be the most important so is your comfort-ability levels you want to have your arms at the height of the table so that you elbow is not over height or under height and so you have good angle pressure to work on all the surfaces of the head. Allowing you to access the sides of the head also as well as the neck and shoulders and having a dim lighting, some essential oil also helps as well and having some oil to incorporate some shoulder and neck massages. And that is how to give a massage in a lying down technique.

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