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How to Give a Head Massage Using Ayurvedic Techniques

Learn how to give a head massage using Ayurvedic techniques and marma points in this Howcast video featuring massage therapist Judie Rhed Yim.


How do you get head massage using Adriatic techniques am specifically on arm points. Adriatic massage as the most common ah massage that's known is shoulder what it was poured, poured on to the third eye ah repeatedly for ah insomnia and psoriasis benefits to name a few. But we're still gonna talk about just using the warmer points. Utilizing no oils. The key point and obviously being the third eye points. Arivada has a dispersal rotation which is counter clockwise or clockwise of tonification. It very similar to Chinese and Japanese techniques. But the key point of the third eye is the gateway to heaven or the marrying of the consciousness and the unconsciousness ah which is really key focus and balancing your inner and outer health so that's the key point of warmer that you ab...incorporate. And you can use this, warmer points into any of your massage ah sessions. It doesn't necessarily have to be ah, just about ariovidic ah warmer points. It could be incorporated into any sort of massage that you would do for the head. Ah, the second one would be the shangkia. Another really great tension relieving sinus health- ah...sinus ah...opening. Beneficial of the warmer point here. Again, you could start with opening up the warmer point about a counter clockwise which is maybe towards you. Can do 3 to 7...3 to 7 ...think they suggest the seven that's good. And then to tunify to seven clockwise.

The third point is on the top of the head, also the Japanese and Chinese healing arts as well called vessel 20 again, you are going to do dispersal for seven counts for longer 'coz it is the key point. And tonication clockwise. And the last warm up point that we're gonna address is on the back of the head in between the 2 points. Let me just turn the head here. Ah, 2 points where the head and the neck meet. Its in the very soft belly of that ah 2 meeting junction. And we're going to allow the fingers to just ah rest while holding the head with the opposite hand. You don't wanna put too much pressure in craniocycial work there is the point for that and, too much pressure might deem intense change. And then this one, unless you're doing a sitting position its very hard to do dispersal and tonifications so, you're more than welcome to just sit and hold the point and its of the key points for deep, deep relaxation. And that was how to give a head massage using arivadic warmer points.

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