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How to Use the Drainage Technique during a Head Massage

Learn how to use the drainage massage technique during a head massage in this Howcast video featuring massage therapist Judie Rhed Yim.


Instructor: How to do the draining head massage technique or how to do lymphatic drainage of the head. All the drainage happens to fall right in this particular junction where this muscle SCM meets the jawline it's called the water wheel in lymphatic drainage therapy. So anything you do to release this is going to help drain the head altogether.

It's a complex system of techniques for lymphatic drainage but that will be a very simple way to help with the lymphatic drainage. But with any lymphatic drainage we want to work on the Venus angle right here. It's where the collarbone comes together alongside the distal aspect over this musculature over SCM inserts into. And this is where all the lymphatics return into in this Venus angle right here.

So it's complementary to the Venus system but it is without a pump so in order to help drain you're trying to help pump this superficial fluids down back towards into the heart where the Venus returns. So be extremely extremely light you want to slightly push your two fingers -I'm not really doing anything with the other two fingers, the ring finger and the pinky- and pushing down. This alone helps with the whole lymphatic system so don't think that it's inconsequential. Just doing the pumping mechanism towards the recipients parts.

And you are going to kind of feel a softening underneath your fingertips and might to just do that for like a minute and that should be fine. And going back to this juncture called the water wheel where all the head drains into. Front to side, the back side. So again this a downward motion towards the heart pumping slightly. Especially here do not press hard this is a lot where the arteries and veins are as well so light light touch is just as effective instead of trying to jab your recipient with your fingers. So downward motion towards the heart. So it's very very gentle it's with that gentle motion. Again about a good minute and you always want to end on this Venus return angle so you're going to go back to here again and do fifteen pumps.

That's how to do the draining techniques for head massage.

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