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How to Give a Head Massage in the Seated Position

Learn how to give a head massage in the seated position with this Howcast video featuring massage therapist Judie Rhed Yim.


How to give head massage? And we will see that technique.

You want to have your recipient lie back first, just as my recipient is.

And make sure that the back is supported.

Obviously we have chair that goes beyond their i mean the back would be even more comfortable for the recipients.

But basically you want to have comfortable lightnings, some candles you like.

And to create a relaxation atmosphere for the recipients.

But mainly we see that comfortable level is most important as you want them to relax into the session.

For any other head massage and techniques you always want to have a separate plan because the neck is the most movable aspect the vertigo.

So, if you massage them this way the head will bark, if you massage in that way also, the head will go back in forth.

So we should have guiding hands to make sure that movement is totally separated.

So, if we do the side pulling the edges be very minor in terms of the neck movements as well as the neck movement, if you are working back of the head as well.

This is how to give head massage and this is the technique.

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