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How to Work Pressure Points during a Head Massage

Learn how to work pressure points during a head massage in this Howcast video featuring massage therapist Judie Rhed Yim.


How to work pressure points during a head massage.

A seated technique right here is a good indication of where the locations are going to be. One of the key points during a head massage is working the back side of The cockpit where the, head meets the neck. The location right in the divot in between the two halves of the occipit bone right here. So the location is there and yo wanna basically support the top of the head because that is the op-positional, pressure and giving a nice supportive push of just your fingers and not this hand is going to activate the pressure and unlike what I just did you wanna soften your hands and relax into it. s you apply a descent amount of pressure for no more than ten counts. Another great pressure point from the side view is on the apex of the crown where the temporal, meets the parietal bone. And its for my recipient, just about there.

And again you wanna support the head so that it doesn't bob back and forth while your applying the pressure. And another key point is right along side the eyebrows. A really good tension relieving pressure points that I'm going to indicate with my middle finger there, and giving the gentle rotational point. That's how you rub pressure points during a head massage.

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