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How to Stimulate Your Scalp with Self-Massage

Learn how to stimulate your scalp with self-massage in this Howcast video featuring massage therapist Judie Rhed Yim.


How to do self massage to stimulate your scalp.

A lot of people may have concerns in terms of getting lack of circulation in your scalp.

One of the key ways that you can do for a daily routine just like showering is to to self scalp massages.

So, predominantly the area that we focus is going to be on the top part the frontal aspect where your hairline starts to happen.

And you can take gentle fingertip motions to sort of do circular motions.

So I'm going to ask my model here to place his hands, both his hands, on top of his scalp and do a rotational manner. Just going to help guide his fingers. And you can do gentle manner of starting points, the front side, making sure that the hairline is addressed and moving towards the back of his scalp as well and making sure that the entire scalp surface is addressed. You want to have a relaxed finger. I know that fingernail aspects may be more refreshing but fingertips especially if you are using beneficial oils is going to be more effective in getting the surface area covered which is your primary goal is surface area coverage. Stimulate the scalp.

You're trying to get the universal coverage with your fingertips. So that is a good way to start. Let's save your still continue on with the oils and then you're also going to try to pull the basin of your hair to stimulate a more rigorous effect. The main aspect is using the thumb and forefingers to pull out your hair. Go to the back of your head as well. The main aspect is trying to get the front side to be completely stimulated so you can take one of the hands and let go of that left hand and focus on shampooing this aspect as such utilizing your fingertips more. And rotation and rotation.

And to end your scalp massage you can just gently press the sides of your heads and letting up not too hard but tractioning off as a nice ending, and that's it. And that's how you do scalp massage to stimulate your scalp.

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