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How to Stimulate Your Jaw with Self-Massage

Learn how to stimulate your jaw with self-massage in this Howcast video featuring massage therapist Judie Rhed Yim.


So we're gonna talk about how to do self massage for your jaw. Your jaw can be a a source of great tension. A lot of people currently experience TMJ. Migraine headaches basically from the tightness of your jaws from obviously speaking so much on a daily basis. But for underlying reasons that also is affected with the neck. Um, so I'm gonna have my model place his hand along the side of his jaw. And starting with this point right here, right adjacent right in front of the ear. That's where the jaw joint starts to happen.

So begin. What you wanna do is make a tractioning motion. Just gonna do a slight bit of downward depression. And nice and slow, nice and slow. It helps to release some of the compression that happens in the joints. So, very good. We repeat that a couple more times. So you feel the tissue soften in that area. And moving down your finger a little bit more now on your jawline. Once you just work in a superficial manner because it does have some lymphatics in that area that you want to be gentle with. So you can make a circular pattern as my model is doing right now. And just work in the surface area to release and increase--release tension and increase circulation.

And one of the other ways that you can release the jaw pressure is literally picking up the front side of the jaw and bringing it towards the front. And so you're trying to pull the jaw literally away from the joint as a tractioning technique. Nice and slow and nice and slow. Very good. And we're gonna go back now to the jawline where the TMJ joints starts and back to doing circulate motion. Another key point that you can also utilize to release jaw tension is right in front of the ear. This direction actually is gonna be towards the back of the head. So you wanna just not use circulate motion but just using a traction technique. But you wanna first locate the area where there's a little divot right in front of the ear. And slightly move it backwards. It's a minor movement and you might not visibly see it in the eye right now but it helps to realease some of the tension there.

Alright, and that is how you do self massage for you jaw.

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