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How to Stimulate Your Neck with Self-Massage

Learn how to stimulate your neck with self-massage in this Howcast video featuring massage therapist Judie Rhed Yim.


So, we gonna do Haudud a self-massages for your neck. Ah, it's one of the key components of a lot of tension um and pain is on the neck. So, um you wanna um incorporate both hands at the same time. So, I'm gonna have my model, um put his hands behind the back of his neck. There's a really fantastic points, where the junction of the head meets, the neck. And it's a little deep it right on the posterior level of the bony part of the ear. So, I'm gonna ask my model to put his thumb right along side there and same on the rights. Alright, so, you got a nice grasp of the little debit area.

So, I'm gonna ask the, model to literally try to pick up the head as the thumb goes up that debit. So, ah, it's more so out gentle attractionin technique as it goes to rocking back and forth. It's almost the self here trying to pick up your head off your neck. And then, I gonna have the model go using the thumb, circle his his, circle his thumbs down the neck and one of the ah precautionary sue is not going to side of the neck but ah more still on the back side.

Cause the side has the arteries that you wanna avoid pressing on to but this is yummy, how to circle emotion all the down down down to the point where your neck meet the shoulders and after you get to that point, you gonna interlace your fingers a little bit closer to that points. And as you bend your neck forward you got traction your neck as well. Letting go of the hands and feeling the post positive release, um enough of it [laughs] and we gonna place your fingers right with the bony processes um it's a cervical C7, C6 area but you gonna feel a bit up here um for my model it's right there and your gonna just place your fingers right along that edge, not on the bone but on the side and as you pull away, um, bend your neck a little more further down. It's a really wonderful traction of um the tension that's usually stored in between that joint. And you could repeat that a couple of more times.

Raising your head and traction as you bend down. Alright, and that's how you do self-massages for your neck

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