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How to Pick a Good Massage Therapist

Learn how to find a good massage therapist in this Howcast video featuring masseuse Judie Rhed Yim.


How to select and find a good massage therapist? There is a national website called "The American Massage Therapy Association.", lists licensed massage therapist according to each state. You can gauge a good therapist by of course, the length of years they have been practicing, but you should definitely insure that you work with a licensed massage certified therapist.

They are plenty of body workers out there, but they might not know the precautions, the pathology and the physiology that is required in a good massage therapist. Another really good way to find a massage therapist is by word of mouth. Your friends, your family, colleagues, your other professional practitioners you work with. Maybe a good source for you to find someone who is more geared toward therapeutic massage.

Hopefully that will answer your questions.

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