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How to Take a Panoramic Picture with an iPhone

Learn how to take a panoramic picture with an iPhone in this Howcast video.


Lacy here, I'm going to tell you how to take a panoramic picture with your iPhone. So, first thing you wanna do, is open your camera app. And when it opens up, it's gonna open up to the regular photo setting. You wanna slide over, and it'll go to the 'square' setting. And then again, to get to the 'panoramic' picture setting. Once you're here, you'll see that it says "move iPhone continuously when taking a panorama".

That's exactly what you're gonna do. So you wanna start out at the far left of what you wanna a picture of. Then you're gonna press the camera shutter button, and you're gonna move it around from left to right. And your goal is to keep the arrow that shows up nice and flat on the line. Once you've gotten all the way to the right, press the shutter again, and then you can view your picture by tapping on the bottom left-hand corner, where the camera roll is. And there it is. You can also rotate your phone to see it bigger. And that's how you take a panoramic picture.

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