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How to Search on an iPhone

Learn how to search on an iPhone in this Howcast video.


Hi, Lisa here. I'm gonna go over how to search on your phone. Now it's changed a little with iOS7. Before, used to swipe to the left, but now we gonna do is swipe down with your finger. You can swipe anywhere in the center area of the phone. So you just go pick the spot, swipe down. Once you're there, you gonna type in whatever is you're looking for. You can look for contacts, text messages, emails, calendar events, really anything. So we can type in here anything you're looking for. And then also, you can search the web from here.

So what you do is once you typed in what you're looking for, you just tap on Search Web. It'll bring you straight to Google search whatever you typed in. And that's how you search on your phone.

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