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How to Lock Rotation Quickly on an iPhone

Learn how to lock rotation quickly on an iPhone in this Howcast video.


Hey, Lisa here. I'm gonna go over how to quickly lock rotation on your phone. So what you can do is just take your finger from bottom, you slide up. When you do that, it brings up Control Center, making control all kinds of things on your phone. So right now, what we're looking for is rotation lock. In this top raw of buttons, on the far right, you'll see what looks like a little lock inside of a little circle.

When you tap on that, it will light up. And that's shows you that now the rotation is locked on the phone. So when you try to turn it, it won't turn it all, it will stay right here in portrait mode. So you'll see if you open up Safari, right now with unlocked, when we turn the phone, it turns. But if we wanna make sure it doesn't turn, slide up, hit the rotation lock, and now when you turn, it won't do it, it's locked. So there you go, that's how you turn the rotation lock on you phone.

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