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How to Use the iPhone's Control Center

Learn how to use the iPhone's Control Center in this Howcast video.


Lisa here, I'm gonna tell you how to use control center. Now first, how you get to it. What you do, from the bottom of the phone, slide up with your finger and that brings it up onto the screen. Now, we see a lot of stuff in here so I'm going to start with the top row. On the far left, our first option is airplane mode. All you do is you just tap on it to turn it on, tap on it to turn it off. Same thing for the next one which is WiFi, tap on, and tap off. You can tell when they're on because they're lit up. The next one is Bluetooth, and then after that you have Do Not Disturb, and then your rotation lock. Underneath that, you have the ability to change the brightness on your phone. So you can slide it down to make it less bright, or up to make it more bright.

Underneath that, we have our music controls. So, if you want to quickly change the track you're on you can open up control center, and then you can tap to skip forward, go back, or play and pause, as well as controlling the volume. Underneath that, you have air drop. So if you want to quickly access air drop to share contacts or files with your friends you can do it from there. And finally, at the bottom, on the far left we have your flashlight which you can turn on or off, you can go to your timer or any of the settings for your clock, you can go to your calculator, or you can quickly go to your camera.

When you're done using control center, to close it you just go back up to the top and you slide it down. And that's how you use control center.

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