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How to Close Apps on an iPhone (and Why You Should)

Learn how to close apps on an iPhone -- and why you should -- in this Howcast video.


Lisa: Lisa here! I'm gonna tell you how to close out your apps. So what you do, to bring up the multi-tasking bar, is you double-press on the Home button, and then it's gonna show you all the apps that you have open. Now what's kind of cool in here is when you're looking quickly to get through them, if you move on the icons they'll move faster, but if you want to be able see what the screens are, you can move on the screens, it'll move a little bit slower. So, let's say you're ready to close them out. All you have to do is take your finger, and swipe it up.

And as each of them goes away, they're being closed out. So we'll just go ahead and close these. Looks like I have a lot of apps open. And, that's all of them. Once you've closed them all, you're going to see what looks like a little mini version of your home screen. You can tap on that, brings you back to the normal home screen. Now, closing out your apps can help your phone run a little bit faster, and you should probably do it about once a week or so. And that's how you close out your apps.

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