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How to Track How Much Data an iPhone App Is Using

Learn how to track how much data each app on your iPhone is using in this Howcast video.


Hi, Lisa here. I'm gonna go over how you can tell how much data each of your apps using. So first, you gonna open up your Settings app. And then from there, you gonna go to the part that says Cellular. Once you're there, you scroll down. And from there, you'll see all the apps use cellular data. You can choose whether to allow them to use it or not by toggling it off or on. And you can also see underneath the name of them, how much data they're using. So if one is using up a lot of data, you might choose to turn it off.

At the very bottom, you'll see Reset Statistics. Basically, what it's doing is keeping track of all the data it's used basically since you got your phone. If you wanna keep track month to month, at the start of each month, you can hit this button for Reset Statistics and you'll be abel to see only from that period of time forward. And that's how you track data.

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