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How to Teach Siri to Pronounce Names

Learn how to teach Siri to pronounce names in this Howcast video about how to use an iPhone.


Hi, Lisa here. And I'm gonna show you how to teach Siri to pronounce the names in your contact. So, my sister's name is pronounced, Ladasha, but Siri pronounces it Ladisha. So, what I can do to change that, is I can do to my contacts, and I pull that first. Now, when I hit edit on the top left, you get a lot of fields that you can edit. You can scroll all the way to the bottom and you'll see an option that says, add field. So, when I tap here. One of the first options I have is phonetic first name. So, I can tap on that, and then in this space, I type in how to phonetically say her name. Once that's done, I tap done. And now, when I ask Siri how to pronounce my sister's name, she'll say it correctly. Who is my sister. [beeping]

Okay. Here's contact information for Ladasha Jones.

And there you go, that's how you can teach Siri how to pronounce the names in your contact book phonetically.

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