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How to Set Lock Screen Image & Privacy Settings

Learn how to set lock screen image and privacy settings in this Howcast video about how to use an iPhone.


Hi, Lisa here. I'm gonna show you how you can set up what shows on your lock screen, and your notification center. So, first thing you're gonna do, is gonna go to your settings, and then here you're gonna go to notification center.

From in here, the first thing we have is what you can access from lock screen, in the notification center. So you can choose whether to allow your notifications to be viewed, and whether you can allow your schedule for today to be viewed. Underneath that, you can specify exactly what you want, in the view for today.

And underneath that, you can sort whether they show up manually through sorting, or sorted by time. Finally, you can see what's included in that notification center. So here, most of my apps are included. But let's say I don't want my messages to show up on the lock screen in case some else sees it. So I can tap on messages, I can scroll down, and then I have the option to show on lock screen.

So for me, I can go ahead turn that off. And now when I get a text message, it won't show up on the lock screen. I will have to unlock the phone to see it. You can do that with any of the apps that are here. And that's how you can customize what shows up on your lock screen.

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