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Tips on Using Siri

Pick up some tips on using Siri in this Howcast video about how to use an iPhone.


Hi, Lisa here. And I'm gonna show you some tips for using Siri. Now, one of the great things about Siri is she comes with a built-in guide. So, you can press and hold on the home button to activate Siri. And then on the bottom left, you'll see a little question mark. When you tap on that, she'll actually show you some things you can ask her. So, we'll see here, you can ask her to call people, to face time, open apps for you, to message people. she can click counter events. There are all kinds of things in here that you can ask Siri to do. The great ones is you can ask her to set an alarm for you. So, let's try that one out. [beeping] Set an alarm for 10 PM.

I'm setting an alarm for 10 PM.

And there you go. So, what you can do is just tap on that little question mark to the left, look at all of that options she gives you and try out a few. One of the other cool things you can do to Siri is you can teach her who your family and friends are. One of the things I though Siri is who my sister is. How you do that, is you just hold down then the bottom again, and you tell her, my sister is so and so. Then when she remembers it, when I say call my sister, she'll do it. So, check it out. [beeping] Call my sister. [beeping]

Calling Laudissa ones, home.

Easy as that. So, there are some tips for using Siri.

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