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Tips on Using Email

Pick up some tips on using email on your iPhone in this Howcast video.


Hi, Lisa here. I'm going to share with you some tips on using the email on your iPhone. So, first thing we're gonna do is you're gonna open up your mail app, and from in here we see all of our inboxes. Now, sometimes you'll have a folder that you'll access fairly frequently and you don't want to have to go down and go through all the steps to get to it. So what you can do is actually add it to this view.

So you're gonna hit edit on the top right, and then all those folders are going to show down here. Now, these are sort of the default ones, your sent mail, your trash, ones with attachments, but if you want a different one you can click on add mailbox, choose which one you're going from, and then you can scroll down and pick which ever one you'd like. You hit done, and now, it's gonna show up under your regular inboxes. So you can get there really quickly. Another great tip is if you want to access any of your drafts that you've saved but haven't sent yet, you can press and hold on the button for writing a new email message. When you press and hold, it will show you any drafts. Once you're done with that, you hit cancel.

And finally, you can also set what default account you want to send mail from. For that, you go into your settings, you scroll down to mail, contacts, and calendars, and then you scroll down some more until you see mail, and underneath that, you'll see default account. You can tap on that and then choose whichever account you want. And those are some tips for using mail on your iPhone.

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