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Tips on Using the iPhone Camera

Pick up some tips on using the iPhone camera in this Howcast video.


Lisa: Hi, Lisa here! I'm gonna go over some tips on using your camera. So go ahead, and we'll open up the app, and then once we're inside we've got a lot of things going on around the edges. At the bottom right you'll see an option to use some filters.

So if you tap on that, we see all the different filters that you can use. Once you choose one, you'll see what it will look like when you're actually taking the picture. To go back to the regular camera, you go ahead and you choose the center square, which is for no filter. Another thing you can do, is you can turn on HDR photos.

At the very top right now it says "HDR Off." When you tap it turns it on. What that does is it takes three pictures, instead of just one: one that's overexposed, one underexposed, and one in the middle. It then blends those three pictures to make a perfect one.

Now to the right of HDR, what you're gonna see, is what looks like a little camera with a circle inside of it. When you tap on that, it turns it around to use your front camera. Tap again and it will use your back camera. If you have an iPhone 5S, you can also take pictures in burst mode, and take videos in slo-mo. So those are some tips for using your camera on your iPhone.

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