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How to Use Passbook on an iPhone

Learn how to use Passbook on an iPhone in this Howcast video.


Hi, Lisa here, and I'm gonna show you how you can use Passbook on your iPhone. Passbook is great for things like movie tickets, tickets to sports games, or even just a cards for the stores you go to. What I'm gonna show you for an example is how to add on a Starbucks card to your Passbook. So I open up the Starbucks app, and I go to My Card, I can choose Manage, and I see the option to Add Card to Passbook.

Tap on that and it builds the pass shows me in. And I can choose on the top right to add into my Passbook. Now, I can go back to home screen, open the Passbook, and now I see my Starbucks card in there. So when I go into the store, instead of having to pull out my wallet and pay with the card, pay with this. So that's how you use Passbook on the iPhone.

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