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How to Add a Second Email Account to an iPhone

Learn how to add a second email account to an iPhone in this Howcast video.


Hi, Lisa here, and I'm gonna show you how to add another email account on to your iPhone. So we gonna go to our Settings, then we scroll down and choose Mail, Contacts and Calendars. Now in here, you already have an account.

You'll see an option underneath your current account that says Add Account. So tap on that, you'll choose what kind of account you have, then you're going to enter in your user name and password. You ca also enter in your name as well as the description of the account. So I'll put mine on.

Once it's verifies, it'll ask you what items you like to sit from that account, then you can say Save, and now show up on your list. Also, when you go back to the actual mail app, you'll now see the second account there. So that's how you add your mail account on to your iPhone.

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