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How to Change Background & Lock Screen Image on an iPhone

Learn how to change background and lock screen image on an iPhone in this Howcast video.


Hi, Lisa here, and I'm gonna show you how to change your wall paper and lock screen image on your iPhone. You go ahead to your Settings, we scroll down some and you'll choose Wall Papers and Brightness. In here, you'll tap on Choose Wall Paper, and then you have the option to pick from their album of wall papers or you can choose from the photos that are actually on your phone.

So here, we try out some of this. So I'll pick this nice green one and then you can say Set. And you'll get the option to either set just the lock screen, just the home screen, or both. So here, I'll say both. And now, I have that green there as well as on the lock screen. So that's how you change your wall paper and lock screen image.

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