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Website Shortcuts from the Home Screen on an iPhone

Learn some website shortcuts from the home screen in this Howcast video about how to use an iPhone.


Hi, Lisa here, and I'm gonna show you how you can add website shortcuts to your home screen. So first thing, you wanna open up Safari and find the page that you wanna save as shortcut. Once you're there, at very middle bottom of screen, you'll see what looks like a little arrow jumping out of box. Now tap on it. And one of the option that you see is Add to Home Screen.

And tap that. And then, you can title it whatever you'd like. Once you've made that title, you go ahead and say Add on top right corner. Once that's done, you'll now see a new icon on your home screen. Now it'll always take you directly to that web page. So if we tap, it'll open back up right to that page. It's a great way to save bookmarks that you're going to visit very often right on your home screen.

So that's how you save website shortcuts on your home screen.

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