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What Is Burst Mode on the iPhone 5s?

Learn about the Burst Mode on the iPhone 5s in this Howcast video.


Hi, Lisa here. And I'm gonna show you how to use burst mode on your iPhone 5s. So, what you're gonna do is open up your camera. Once you're in here, you wanna make sure that you're on your photo setting. Then when you're taking the picture, as you press your finger to the shutter button, you're just gonna press and hold. As you hold, it's gonna take quite a lot of pictures, right now we're up to 59, 60, 70, 80 pictures. So, that's a lot. Once you're done, you can press on the bottom left with pictures on. And it's gonna show you all those burst pictures in one group.

Now, with a lot of pictures like that, you're gonna want to edit out and find your favorite ones. So, you're going to tap on favorites, and it's on the bottom, it will show you all of the pictures you just took. And the ones that have little dots under them are the ones that the camera guesses are the best pictures out of that. You can look through and select whichever ones you think are best by tapping on them.

Once you've selected the ones that you want, you hit done in the upper right corner, it will give you the option to keep all the pictures you took, only the ones that you just chose and to delete all the others. So, in this case, I'm gonna say keep just the two by and it all goes away by the rust and now I have the pictures from that burst mode. So, that's how you use burst mode on the iPhone 5s.

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