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How to Shoot Slow Motion Video with the iPhone 5s

Learn how to shoot slow motion video with the iPhone 5s in this Howcast video.


Hi, Lisa here. And I'm gonna show you how to shoot slow motion with the iPhone 5s. First you're gonna open up your camera. Once you're in here, you wanna swipe from left to right to get over to the slow-mo video setting. Once you're in here, all you do just like a regular video. So, you press in the shutter button and it will take the video for you. Now once you're done, you can go in and edit it. Now, I'm gonna show you a video that I took earlier with my friend Bobby. So in this video, we're dancing down a little bit.

And when you open up the videos, you'll see little blue lines. The little blue lines that are close together are the parts that are normal speed. When they're spread apart, then slow-mo, which what you see in the middle here. You can adjust where it goes in slow motion by grabbing on to the little black lines in those sections. So, this is what I have setup, let's take a look. When it goes in slow motion, it can be very funny or very dramatic or great for some good action shots, basically right were we've got Bobby looking pretty good dancing for us. So, I can always change where the slow motion is.

So, if I wanted to be it a shorter section, I can just drag it over and then see again what it looks like. There you go. That's how you take slow motion video with the iPhone 5s.

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