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Top 3 Catching Tips in Women's Lacrosse

Learn the top three catching tips from coaches at Gameday Lacrosse in this Howcast video.


Hi, my name is Liz Kittleman Jackson. I'm the head coach at Columbia University. I'm joined today by and Katie Chrest Erbe, Assistant Coach at Columbia and Kaitlyn Jackson at GameDay Lacrosse. Today we're gong to give you top 3 tips for catching. As you'll see with Katie and Kaitlyn passing in the background, the grip on their stick is loose. It's what we call soft hands.

You don't want to put a very tight grip around the shaft of your stick, it would cause for the ball bouncing out of the stick head because the grip is too rigid. Next tip, you want to be sure that you give your teammate a target, she's got to know where to throw the ball.

Third tip, make sure that when you're catching, you're not snagging the ball out of the air. You're not grabbing it. In most cases that will result with the ball on the ground. You want to make sure that by using your body and your stick you're giving with the ball. Giving it time to settle into the head of your stick, so that you can then make a proper throw. So remember, use soft hands, give your teammate a target, and give with the ball as it's coming into your stick.

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