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How to Take the Draw in Women's Lacrosse

Learn how to take the draw from coaches at Gameday Lacrosse in this Howcast video.


Hi, I'm Liz Kittleman Jackson. I'm the Head Lacrosse coach at Columbia University. I'm joined by Katie Chrest Erbe, Assistant Lacrosse Coach at Columbia and Kaitlyn Jackson of GameDay Lacrosse. Today we're going to give some very basic fundamentals about the draw. Every lacrosse game starts with what's called the draw. The draw is taken at the beginning of each half and after each goal that is scored. The referee will begin each draw by placing the ball at the top of each of their sticks. The ref will make sure that everything is balanced and that neither payer is moving. You need to make sure that your hands are lined up with the center line. You can not be out or in, you've got to be sure that you're right along the line.

So, there are two main ways to take a draw it's either what we consider pulling or pushing. In this scenario, Kaitlyn is going to be pulling up, over her left hand shoulder, trying to get the ball to her offensive end. Katie is looking to push the ball to her offensive end. When you're pulling one thing that you want to make sure you're doing is what we calling digging the ball out from the stick of your opponent. The way to really control where that ball is going is to get it on the back side of your stick. If Kaitlyn is successful at doing this, she can put the ball to the side, behind her, or if she's quick enough she can even put it in front of her. Having really quick hands is going to make you a very effective drawer The faster your hands can turn over, the more likely you are to get total control of the ball, which is what you're looking for. The other thing you have to use when you're taking a drawer is your torso and your legs.You don't want to stand straight up and just bring the stick up above your head without any power.

You've got to get low, as you can see they're using their legs, alright you've got to keep your knees bent, you've got to make sure you're rotating so you can get the power to put the ball where you want to go. In order to keep the draw legal you've got to make sure that your hands come up and over the height of your shoulders. If you don't, the ref will retake the drawer. When pushing the draw, Katie as you can see is going to use her strength to use the ball and her stick towards where she wants it to go. But you can see that she still has brought her arms high enough to make the draw legal.

So remember , the quickness of her hands, using your body, keeping you knees bent, using your torso, and using your strength to put the ball where you want to put it is going to make you a successful drawer.

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