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How to Face Dodge in Women's Lacrosse

Learn how to face dodge from coaches at Gameday Lacrosse in this Howcast video.


Hi I'm Katie Crest Irvy and I'm the Assistant Lacrosse Coach at Columbia University. And I have with me Liz Kittleman Jackson Head Coach at Columbia University. Today I want to teach you how to Face Dodge. So a face dodge is a dodge used by attackers and what it is, the reason it's called a face dive is I'm going to pull my stick across my face in a way to bait Liz to go one way, I'm going to pull my stick back across my face and go by her. What's really important about this is that we coordinate our feet with our stick.

And what I mean by that is when I come into this dodge I wanna drive this left foot forward as I bring my stick across my body. This is going to make Liz think that I'm actually going to my left. Okay my hips are going to turn slightly on a forty five degree angle, my shoulders are going to turn as if I'm actually going to run this way so that she has to step up to stop me and then very quickly I'm going to pull back, get around her and drive by her. One thing that's really important is that after I bait Liz and she bites, I want to get right around her and almost get back on the same line that I started on. So put her right on my back and get in front of her. If I don't do that Liz is able to step over.

So if I go here and I come back very wide she is able to step back in front of me and then I have to do another dodge. So to review we want to coordinate our feet and our stick. Okay we really want to bait Liz by turning our body, our stick and our foot our weight going this way and then quickly pulling our stick back and then driving past her on that straight line that we started on. And that's how to Face Dodge.

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