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Minor Fouls in Women's Lacrosse

Learn what constitutes a minor foul in women's lacrosse from coaches at Gameday Lacrosse in this Howcast video.


Hi this is Liz Kittleman-Jackson, I’m the head coach at Columbia University. I’m joined by Katie Price Derby, assistant coach at Columbia University and Kaitlyn Jackson with Gandale pros. We’re gonna talk about minor fowls.

To give some examples of a minor fowl Katie and Kaitlyn are both gonna to be going for ground ball. In the game of women’s lacrosse when going for the ground ball you cannot cover the ball with your stick head. What you have to do, is go for what’s called the ground ball and that means that you need to run through the ball gaining possession with your stick without covering it. If Katie is to cover the ball it would be considered a minor fowl.

Possession would be given to Kaitlyn and Katie would be asked to move four meters to the side. Another example of a minor fowl is what’s called the empty stick check. If Katie and Kaitlyn were both going for the ball and Kaitlyn came and checked Katie’s stick without Katie having the ball in her stick head, that would be considered a minor fowl. Katie would be given possession of the ball and Kaitlyn would be asked to stand four meters to the side. So those are two examples of a minor fowl in the game of lacrosse. Referees are always looking to keep, keep the game safe, but also keep the game fair.

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