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How to Throw an Offside Pass in Women's Lacrosse

Learn how to throw an offside pass from coaches at Gameday Lacrosse in this Howcast video.


Hi, my name is Katie Chrest Erbe. I'm an Assistant at Columbia University, I'm here with Liz Kittleman Jackson, the Head Coach at Columbia University and Kaitlyn Jackson of GameDay Lacrosse. Today, I'm going to teach you to throw an off-side pass. And off-side pass is just using the same hand, your dominant, my dominant hand, I'm just throwing from the opposite side of my body.

This is useful if you're in a game and a defender is on this side of your body and you quickly want to bring your stick over to this side to make a quick pass. So, what you'll notice, there's 2 options on how to throw an off-side pass.

So, if you notice, Liz is going to wrap her stick, okay, she's going to turn the ball towards her face and she's going to bring her hands across her body, her top hand across her body. At this time, she's then going rotate her top hand, if she were to take her fingers off her stick they would be pointing at her target. So, what she doesn't want to do is just wrap her stick. If she took her fingers off the would be pointing behind her. She needs to adjust her hand so that she can then push with her top hand and pull with her bottom hand, The other option is Liz can cradle out in front of her here and then she's actually going to flip the back of her stick towards her face and bring it to the other side of her body.

One reason that people like to do this instead is they feel that its quicker, they don't have to adjust their hand. Again, she can either wrap her stick across, adjust her hand, and then push and pull with both hands, or she can cradle out in front of her, bring her stick head back towards her face so she doesn't have to adjust her hands and then push pull with her hands. Again, this is a pass you would use in a game if you want to get a quick pass off but there's a defender on your strong side, you could just move your stick to the other side of your body and do a quick push pull to feed or to throw to a teammate. And that's how you would do an off-side pass.

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