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Passing Drills in Women's Lacrosse

Learn some passing drills from coaches at Gameday Lacrosse in this Howcast video.


Hi my name is Katie Chrest Erbe, and I'm the Assistant at Columbia University. I'm joined by Liz Kittleman Jackson, whose the Head Coach at Columbia University and Kaitlyn Jackson of GameDay Lacrosse. I'm going to talk to you a little bit about some other options in terms of partner passing and passing drills. So, you have your typical drill where you have 2 people and they're just passing back and forth. But Lacrosse rarely ever takes place standing still. Lacrosse is a game on the move and so we really need to work on our skills where we're moving and catching and doing the fundamentals on the move. So, one drill you can do within your partner passing is just this partner passing on the move.

So, this would be as if Liz and Kaitlyn were running up the field, passing back and forth and really working on those fundamental skills while on the move. Another drill that you can do is within your partner passing kind of format, okay, Liz would cut away from the ball, then cut back to, cradle, come back away, okay, really working on some dynamic catching and throwing and this all can be done with just 2 people partner passing back and forth. These are some good alternatives to just your simple, on the move, standing, partner passing.

Again, Lacrosse takes place on the move so you want to be able to nail the fundamentals while running forward and moving up and down the field. We never on the field are standing still and so this is why some of these other options for partner passing drills are really important to add into your game.

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