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How to Roll Dodge in Women's Lacrosse

Learn how to roll dodge from coaches at Gameday Lacrosse in this Howcast video.


Hi, I'm Katie [Chrisherby]. I'm with Columbia University lacrosse. And this is Liz Kettleman Jackson, head coach at Columbia University. Today, we gonna talk about roll dodging.

There's two different ways to do the roll dodge.

First of all, the one way that we can do it is we can actually start by doing face dodge which means I'm gonna pull my stick across my body to my opposite shoulder, making Liz think that I'm gonna go to my left. At that time when she steps up, I'm gonna step with my right, I'm gonna protect my stick, and roll around her back to my right side. So that's one way that we can do a roll dodge.

The other way that I can do a roll dodge is by actually rolling opposite way of what I just did. So this way, I would come in, I have my stick in my right hand, I would come in, I would drive forward left foot. As Liz makes contact with me, I would protect my stick in front of me and I wanna wrap this right leg around Liz, switch hands and then get back on that straight line that I just came from. So again, I would step in to Liz with my left foot, as she makes contact, I kind of want my butt into her and I'm gonna roll around and get back on that straight in. So those are the some ways, two different ways that you can do a roll dodge.

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