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How to Understand Shooting Space in Women's Lacrosse

Learn how to understand shooting space from coaches at Gameday Lacrosse in this Howcast video.


Hi, my name is Liz Kittleman Jackson, I'm a head coach at Columbia University. I'm joined by Katie Chrishearby, assistant coach with Columbia, and Katelyn Jackson with [lacross]. Today, we're gonna talk about understanding shooting space. Shooting space is a unique role to the women's lacrosse game and the best way to think about it is that you can not run into the path of the shooter.

This rule concerns safety, the referee will blow the whistle immediately and the person whose in possession of the ball will be given an eight meter shot. An example of shooting space. Katie is coming down towards goal and Katelyn is to slide into her shooting lane. This is a dangerous position for Katelyn to be in.

And it also deters Katie from being able to score a goal. The foul is awarded to the attacker because the defender has gotten in her way of the shot. Katie will be awarded a free position shot and Kately would be asked to go four meters behind. Like any major fouls in the eight meter, all other players will be asked to clear eight meter and Katie would get a free position to shot goal.

The success of this game is based on the safety of the game and referee is here to make sure to keep the game safe. Defenders need to make sure they're not running into shooting space, not only as disadvantage to their team but it's unsafe play.

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