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Top 3 Dodge Tips in Women's Lacrosse

Learn the top three dodge tips from coaches at Gameday Lacrosse in this Howcast video.


Hi, I'm Katie Chrisarby. I'm assistant coach at Columbia University and I'm here with Liz Jackson, she is the head coach of Columbia University. Today, I'm gonna give you my top three tips on dodging. First of all, make some a dodger very effective is that being never plan a dodge. They make one heard move, they read what their defender does and they react of what their defender does. So if I were gonna dodge, I maybe make one heard move this way, if Liz bites, I'm gonna go the other way, okay? If she doesn't go for it, then I'm just really gonna go around her.

So you never plan out your dodge, you really just wanna react to what she gives you. The second thing I wanna make sure to do is leave myself enough space. If I end up too far on top of Liz and I make this move, then I have to come back around Liz in order to get by her, making me less efficient. So I wanna allow some space, maybe like a sticks length. So if Liz put her sticks out in front of me, this is where I wanna start my move to see what she does. Then I'm gonna react, have enough space to react to get around her. Always moving my feet forward. I never wanna move latterly, it'll give the defender chance to step back in front of me. Finally, what will make a dodge very effective is their explosion out of their dodge.

So they wanna leave the dodge as first as they can. So once I make this move on Liz, I get her to bite, I get by her, this next step needs to be as explosive as possible to add separation from Liz so that she can't get back in front of me. So those are the top three things that make a dodger effective, reacting off of your defender, allowing enough space, and really exploding out of that dodge.

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