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Women's Lacrosse Cradling Exercises

Learn some cradling exercises from coaches at Gameday Lacrosse in this Howcast video.


Hi, I'm Liz Kettleman Jackson, I'm the head Lacrosse coach at Columbia University. I'm joined by Katie Chrest Erbe, assistant Lacrosse coach at Columbia, and Katelyn Jackson with Game Day Lacrosse. Today we're going to talk about some very basic drills to help you with your cradling. Being able to protect your stick and maintain possession of the ball is key to being a successful Lacrosse player.

One drill you can do is what we call the Protection Drill. Katelyn is going to act as the defender and Katie is going to work on using her cradle and her body to keep the ball in her stick. As you can see, she's just not using her wrist or just using her arms. Her motions are combining the two, so that she can have success keeping the ball in her stick and not allowing her defender to get a stick check.

So another drill is one you can do completely on your own, and that's just working on cradling at different levels of your body. So you can see that Katie is coming low, she can bring it up high, she'll cradle on the right side her body, she'll cradle on the left side of her body. She'll adjust her hands along various points of her shaft and she'll make sure that the stick can move freely amongst her fingertips. She's not putting a really tight grip on it, because that would limit the movement that she's able to make.

And lastly, one of the things that you can do with cradling is look at a mirror. Standing in front of a mirror and really watching your own movements, watching your hands, your wrists, your arms, making sure that you've got a really good flow, really good movement. That's going to help you improve your cradle. So those are a few really great drills to help you with a successful cradle.

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