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How to Shoot Sidearm in Women's Lacrosse

Learn how to shoot sidearm from coaches at Gameday Lacrosse in this Howcast video.


Katy: Hi, I'm Katy Chrest Erbe. I'm an Assistant Coach at Columbia University. I'm here with Liz Kittleman Jackson who's actually the Head Coach at Columbia, and I'm here to talk to you about side arm shooting. Side arm shooting is a little bit fancy and it's really fun to master, but it's a very difficult task.

So one thing that we want to realise about side arm is that side arm is when we drop our top hand below our bottom hand. My top hand is going to come down. My bottom hand even comes up a little bit. And I really need to work on, first of all, just controlling the ball at this level.

So if I were to have a ball in my stick I would really need to be able to control the ball in the top of my stick, okay, while my hands are in this position. As we take a side arm shot, okay , as Liz takes a side arm shot, she's going to step, get her hands in front of her, again she's going to drop her stick low, and then fire away on the cage. So her follow through can either go up, or it can stay low.

So this allows you to, kind of, put the ball at different levels on the cage. One thing to be careful of is to not just drop your stick right level with your shoulder. So then you're just pushing with your top hand. If you drop your stick head low and keep your hands out in front of you, you can push with your top hand, pull with that bottom hand, in order to get that nice snap on the ball. So that is how you would do a side arm shot

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