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How to Shoot Overhand in Women's Lacrosse

Learn how to shoot overhand from coaches at Gameday Lacrosse in this Howcast video.


Hi, I am Katie Chrest Erbe, and I am the assistant coach at Columbia university. I am here with Liz Jackson she is the head coach at Columbia and Katlyn Jackson who works with game day lacrosse, and today we are going to talk overhand shooting. so to be an effective overhand shooter there is a couple things you need to do. One you need to access where you are on the field and how much time and space you have to get your shot of.

For instance if your running down the field in transition and you get in front of the goal, but your further out and you have allot of space you might take a very powerful outside overhand shot, in witch you would want to get hand up and away from your body and you would use your entire body to shoot the ball. more often the in a women's game you'll find yourself in the middle of the eight meter close into the goal with a lot of defenders around you so as your shooting you be able to protect your stick and those two shots look totally different.

So if Katelyn was to take a ball and she was out further a good overhand shot would look like this, so her hands are up and away from her body. Shes going to use her body to step towards the cage rotate those hips around and shes going to pull with her bottom hand all the way accost her body to her opposite hip. her top hand is going to kind of mirror or follow the path exactly the path of her bottom hand and shes going to snap her top hand at the very end of her shot to direct the ball.

So this again would be when your further out and you have a lot of time and a lot of space. One thing you will notice is Katlyn does not have her stick parallel to the ground, its actually perpendicular and this is what it makes it an overhand shot, so she is coming over top hand is coming over her bottom hand to make the shot. So an overhand shot with in tight within the eight meters and theirs a lot of congestion would look similar so her stick is going to come into her body in order to protect it. Its going to be perpendicular to the ground.

Shes not going to let the stick head fall down here. Okay Shes going to keep it up okay, but this time shes really just using more of her hands for her shot, so shes going to try and get her bottom hand out in front of her, straight out in front of her, her top hand out a little bit as well so that she can still have that nice pull on her stick, and a push and snap with her top hand to put some velocity behind the ball without this much space. Okay she actually turns to the cage, shes going to see the spot where she is shooting okay shes going to pick a spot on the cage and then shes just going to use her hands its that same motion pushing with her top hand, pulling with her bottom hand to really get some velocity on the ball. So again these are some components of over hand shooting, so you want to access where you are on the field, how much space you have, if there are defenders around you, you have to protect your stick and you really want to use your hands to get some velocity behind the ball.

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