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How to Pick Up a Ground Ball

Learn how to pick up a ground ball from coaches at Gameday Lacrosse in this Howcast video.


Liz: Hi, I'm Liz Kendelman Jackson I'm the head Lacrosse coach at Columbia University. I'm joined by Katie Crest Ervy assistant lacrosse coach at Columbia and Katelyn Jackson with Game Day Lacrosse. Today we're going to talk about how to pick up a lacrosse ball from the ground. Alright so there few key component to making sure that you can pick up a lacrosse ball when it's on the ground. a lot of people will tell you that in order to pick a ball up you got to make sure that your body and your movement and your enegy is going forward. You don't want to just stand still and reach for the ball.

Chances are your not going to be able to pick it up. As you can see, Katie is going to run through the ground ball and that's going to give her the momentum necessary to get the ball in her stick. Another key competent to picking up a ground ball is your top hand. You've got to make sure that once you get the ball in your stick safely that your top hand comes up so that you have the ability to bring your stick quickly in towards your body so that you can protect it from defenders. Another really important key to picking up a ground ball is getting low. You can't successfully get it into your stick if you're just bending at the waist and jabbing at it with your stick. You've got to get down, you've got to get your knees bent, you've got to get your butt down and the butt on your stick down in order to get that into your stick. Get your chest over it, get your head over it, bring it up, protect it.

That way you're going to be able to keep it safely in your stick. You also want to make sure that you understand where your defender is so that you have the best chance of picking up the ball. This is what we call Boxing Out in order to get the ground ball. As you can see Katie is stepping in front of Katelyn so that she has the advantage and she's in good position to pick it up. Boxing Katelyn out of the play, she brings the stick immediately up to her chest so that she can keep possession of the ball. Those are some key components to picking up a ground ball.

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