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Triple Threat Position in Women's Lacrosse

Learn about the triple threat position from coaches at Gameday Lacrosse in this Howcast video.


Hi, I'm Katie Chrest Erby, assistant Lacrosse coach at Columbia University. I'm here with Liz Kettleman-Jackson, head coach at Columbia and Katelyn Jackson of Game Day Lacrosse and we're here to show you what triple threat positioning is. The importance of being able to have your stick in triple threat position is similar to the game of basketball and so what it allows you to do, is it allows you to make multiple moves out of the same position very quickly. So, triple threat position is going to be your stick up and back behind you, protected from a defender and the ball will be in the top of your stick. So that from this position, if you see Liz and Katelyn, they could very effectively pass, they could make a feed, or they could take one quick step and dodge.

Or, if they are in position, they could get a nice shot off from there. So if you take a look at Liz and Katelyn right now, they are in triple threat positions, so you'll notice that Liz's bottom arm is up and out, so she's protecting her stick from her defender. Her top hand is up, this arm is at a 90 degree angle, and the ball, if the ball was in here it would be sitting at the top of her stick. So from here if Liz needed to make a pass, all she would have to do is push with her top hand, pull with her bottom hand, she would be able to really quickly move the ball. Another thing that she could do, is shoot from there. So this is great positioning where she could really get a full range of motion, a full shot off and take her shot.

Or, she is in position, she's in a balance position with her feet also, so she could do a quick dodge if there was a defender putting pressure on her or if the opportunity came up for her to get around her defender. So again, triple threat positioning is being ready for multiple things. So if I'm on the field, and I'm in triple threat, I'm always ready for the next action. I don't have to then bring my stick up to get a pass off or bring my stick up and get in position for the next play, I'm already in that position. So this is why triple threat position is so important in the women's game.

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