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How to Throw an Around-the-World Pass in Women's Lacrosse

Learn how to throw an around-the-world pass from coaches at Gameday Lacrosse in this Howcast video.


Katie: Hi i'm Katie Kittleman with Columbia University Lacrosse and this is Kaitlynn Jackson with Game Day Lacrosse. And we're gonna teach you how to do around the world pass. An around the world pass is pretty fun cause it's kinda tricky but it's easy to get tangled up and not know how to do it. So the first thing that we're gonna do, that I like to do. Is like drop my stick head, drop my down to my hips.

My my top hand moves down my stick. And then what i'm gonna do is i'm gonna cross my arms. And if you notice Kaitlyn's my partner i'm side on to her. And this is the best way to teach this starting out. So i'm gonna cross my arms in front of me. And then i'm gonna drive them back just a little bit as I turn my hips and my shoulders. And i'm gonna pull up with my top hand and i'm gonna pull down with my bottom hand. So it should look like this. Okay. So as I snap my and pull with my top hand. I'll literally hit myself in the shoulder.

So the other very important thing that you'll notice me and Kaitlyn doing is that we keep our eye on our target. So I don't want to follow my stick head. Then I have no idea where it's going. But I wanna keep my eyes on my target and i'm just gonna pop the ball right behind my back. So again, drop my stick head, cross my arms, push pull over my shoulder, and make contact with that shoulder keeping your eye on your target. And that's how you would do an around the world.

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