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3 Dodging Drills in Women's Lacrosse

Learn three dodging drills from coaches at Gameday Lacrosse in this Howcast video.


Hi, I'm Caty Crust Ervy, assistant coach at Columbia University and I'm joined by Liz Kendelman Jackson head coach at Columbia University and of Katelyn Jackson game day lacrosse and today I'm going to give you three different ideas of dodging drills. So the first one that I'm going to give you will involve two people and Katelyn will be the attacker and Liz will be the defender.

This is straight up one on one. So you can either... Katelyn can either start with the ball, or what we like to do is she can receive a pass then she has to get her body into position and then she would take on the defender trying to get to the cage. You could put a time limit on this because in a game, if Katelyn were to take this opportunity she would only have a few seconds to get by Liz before another defender would come to help. So you could say we're doing one on one's and you have to get your shot off within five seconds. So she would just go...

She can go from the top of the 8, you could do them from the side you can do them from anywhere around the eight meter. The next drill I'm going to show you is Katelyn would do this drill to work on her and really this is a very basic drill where she can work on her spacing and also selling her dodge. Okay so what she would do is she would pass to Liz as a defender, Liz would pass back. Katelyn would approach her, really going full speed ahead, and then getting by Liz. You can do this starting with Liz playing just Dummy D so she would literally just be a post for Katelyn to use.

Then you could step it up so that she's playing about 75% defense and then where she's palying full on defense so that if Katelyn didn't fake her out, she wouldn't allow her to go by her. The third drill that you can do, you can do this without defense actually, is Katelyn would do the three cone dodging drill. So we would set up cones in this formation, a little bit of a diamond inside the eight meter.

And Katelyn would have to dodge at each of the three cones on either side. So she would start at the top, she would pick a dodge to do, move to the next one, pick another dodge and then finally dodge around the third one to get her shot off. This allows for the attacker to be really creative and to work on the foot work of all of her dodges as if she were in a game and defese was sliding her then she could really adjust her positioning in order to get her shot off. So those are three different drills that you could implement in order to help your girls become better dodgers.

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