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How to Understand the Cut of a Diamond

Learn about the cut of a diamond from private jeweler Kate Hemphill in this Howcast video.


So we're going to talk a little bit about how to understand the term 'cut'. Cut refers to the diamond shape and also the cutting style. But when it comes to grading, cut refers to the quality of the diamond's reflective properties and how the facets are arranged, and how light reflects and performs through the stone. Cut is also important because of the symmetry and polish of the stone, which are graded by the GIA from excellent to very good, good, fair, and poor.

So you definitely want to am\make sure to pay attention to this when selecting a stone, to stay in the excellent to very good and good range. When shopping for an engagement ring, If you're comparing two stones that have very similar color and clarity, make sure you take them outside into the natural light to see if one sparkles a little bit more than the other.

The one with the better reflective qualities, probably has the better cut. So make sure you focus on this important feature when making your purchase. And that's how to understand cut.

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