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How to Understand a Diamond's Carat Size

Learn about diamond carat size from private jeweler Kate Hemphill in this Howcast video.


So, I'm just gonna talk briefly about how to understand karat size. Karat is the weight of a diamond. Karat is divided into 100 points which allows for very precise measurement of the stone. When it comes to karat weight, all stones are cut differently. So, some stones, the weight maybe more in the belly or bottom of the stone, and some stones, the weight is more at top of the stone.

So these two examples I have side by side here, one is a oval brilliant and one and half karats, and the one is usher cut of one and half karats. They're both very same size but look very different to naked eye. The oval one definitely looks larger then square because there's more weight in top of the stone. So, this will also affect your price. I mean, the higher the karat weight, usually the higher the price. So if you have set in your mind that you wanna buy one and half karats two karat diamond ring, make sure you look at different sizes, shapes and even compare few different stones within the same shape because every one is cut differently and they all gonna look differently even though they may weight the same.

So that's basically how to understand karat weight.

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